Chat GPT versus Google: the question keeps the power.

ChatGPT offers precise answers within a limited knowledge base. Google offers you multiple sources to build your most suitable answer. In both cases, the most important is to master the heart of asking a powerful question and to understand how tools are working. I feel relieved: humans still have a role to play! What do you think?

😺 From one side: #ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligent bot based on the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) model. It provides a precise, condensed and human-like response to a (complex) query based on its understanding of the context and the database it has analyzed in 2021 (it cannot access the Internet). The more detailed is the context, the more precise will be the answer. Thanks to its capability to create links between ideas, it can write poetry, story, or scientific essays. But, you have no visibility of the used sources and the generated information cannot be assumed to be accurate.

❓ From the other side: #google search engine fetches information relevant to a query from billions of web pages. You receive a long list of real-time comprehensive sources of information from which you can build your own answer. Responsibility of the accuracy of the information is in the hands of the URL identified author.
To solve user questions, ChatGPT explicitly focuses on ease of use, Google focuses on real-time data availability. In both cases, the answers are biased by the developers and multiple parameters…

When the two technologies will merge, I hope we will take the best of each of them and that alternatives will emerge in order to avoid the issue of the “one single source of truth”.

Apart from the need to know how to ask the right question, what we are experiencing here raises the question of our relationship to the answer and more generally to information.
💕 I love our present time.